MyTag - Everybody’s Tag

MyTag - Everybody’s Tag

Whether it's your keys, your bags or your sunglass case, or a special gift from a loved one, there's nothing worse than that moment you realize you've lost something important to you. You check and recheck, hoping and praying that whatever is lost will somehow magically reappear. 

You might also have found yourself in a situation where a friend or a family member loses their stuff, and both of you end up sharing the stress of having to locate the missing item. 

Let’s face it. Forgetting, losing, and misplacing things happens to the best of us. Often, when this scenario hits, we are caught unprepared. 

Is there a solution to finding forgotten or misplaced items? 

Fortunately there is! MyTag, a 100% Australian-made bluetooth finder for lost items, comes to the rescue. How?

There are a lot of reasons to love MyTag and set it as your go-to bluetooth finder for lost items:

  • Compatible on both iOS and Android.
  • A fun remote selfie feature.
  • Opens a wide range of uses and purposes.
  • Battery life up to 12 months.*
  • SOS feature if you need help.
  • 24/7 real person online support.
  • Loud alert sound for easy finding.
  • 100% Australian-Made Mobile App

The best part? There’s always a MyTag that will fit your lifestyle. (and they also come in various colors.)

You can never go wrong with the Classic.

This is where the convenient life starts. Easy and versatile to use, Classics come with included 3M stickers, so you can stick them to anything, including remotes, cameras, laptops and keys! The MyTag Classic is your starter finder for lost items.

Ready, Set, GO!

The MyTag Sport can take the pressure and the hits! Shockproof and waterproof, these finders make the perfect partner for all outdoor professionals, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts.

What’s your Edge?

The edgier version of MyTag Sport, is MyTag Edge. Same sport pedigree, same awesome European Bluetooth chipset, and same phenomenal range. Never lose the edge with this one.

Find it in Style!

MyTag Style is a fabulous version of MyTag Sport. It’s trendy and stylish design is perfect for millennials and generation X alike. Your bluetooth finder for lost items doesn’t have to be boring.

MyTag Finder is a definite sigh of relief for all ages, as it makes the process of finding misplaced or lost things easier and a LOT simpler. Shop the range today and find the perfect finder for you and your loved ones.

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