MyTag Sport vs Surf

MyTag Sport vs Surf

MyTag Sport Vs Surf

Author Lee Finniear / Category Testing / Published: 10 September 2020

Spring is here - and as we begin to think about heading to the beach we want to be sure our keys and valuables don't get lost like they did last year....

But are MyTag Bluetooth Trackers really up to the job?

We decided to find out !!!

My ace environmental tester (and youngest son) Byron was up for some pocket money and a trip to the beach - so off we went.

The challenge - see if a MyTag Sport could survive an hour of surfing, and still work happily afterwards :)

Byron can be a mean surfer and a mean tester. We hooked the MyTag Sport to his surfboard and he plunged into what were some pretty spectacular Gold Coast waves. He surfed his heart out until I had to drag him back in an hour later ...

The moment of truth had arrived. Luckily iPhones are waterproof these days as I waded out to meet him. I opened the MyTag Finder App and hit the Alert button ...

I opened the App and hit the Alert button......

The roar of the waves was suddenly deafening as we listened for the alert before realising the MyTag Sport was still under the water !!! We pulled it out and there it was - that happy chirp of a MyTag Sport in full alert mode :)

MyTag Sport vs Surf = a convincing win by MyTag Sport

Stay tuned as we submit our MyTags to more tortures as we try to break them !!

In the meantime you can rest assured, MyTag Sport will look after your keys and valuables at the beach, and even if they get wet!

MyTag Sport is one of our most proven and rugged bluetooth trackers. For your next visit to the beach a MyTag Sport is as important as sunscreen - I mean, how will you get home without your car keys?

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